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This part of the website is just for you! Use our dance tips to help you practice your latest moves, and check out our activities section so you can keep CitySteppin' outside of the classroom! These tools will help you build on what we learn in class so you're even more prepared when it comes time to perform!

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Dance Tip #1: Get warm before you get down

It's important to warm up your entire body and all your muscles before you start dancing! Try doing these moves to loosen up.

Start by slowly stretching your neck to the right, then switch to the left. Repeat. Next, roll your head all the way around four times to the right, then four times to the left. Then move on to your arms: alternating right and left, reach each arm towards the ceiling eight times, making sure your fingers are spread out really far and you are reaching as high as you can. Then add your legs, bending your right knee as you stretch your right arm up, and your left knee as you stretch your left arm up, eight times each. Next, stretch out your back by bending forward at the waist and trying to touch your toes. Make sure you hold your stretch for at least thirty seconds, and try to sink down a little lower every ten seconds. Finish off your warm up by doing twenty-five jumping jacks and running in place for thirty seconds. Give yourself a good shake from head to toe. Now you're ready to begin dancing!

CityStep Activity #1: Pass the Move

You can play this fun game with your friends even when you're not in CityStep. Stand in a circle and pick one person to start. This person will do a move of some sort. It could be one of their favorite dance moves, a quick gesture, or any movement at all that uses some part of their body. The mover should also make some sort of sound effect to go along with their move. As soon as the first person completes his move, the person on his right copies it, then the person to her right copies it, and so on. The move gets passed along the circle until it reaches the person who started, who does his move once again. Once that person has done his move a second time, the person on their right gets to come up with her own move, which will also get passed around the circle. Repeat this pattern until everyone in the circle has had a chance to start the movement chain! But there's a catch: speed! Anyone can take all day to play Pass the Move. Go as quickly as you can in your circle to reach Expert Pass the Move status.

"When I go to CityStep I feel tired and sleepy, and when we do the warmup, I feel like I want to run for President."

--Kimberly, 5th grade CityStepper

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