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We’re gearing up for another fun-filled year here in Philly! Our company is bigger, better and stronger than ever and we have a fantastic group of kids. We are currently working at Hamilton, Harrity, Lea, and McMichael schools and both teachers and students are having a blast! We are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Half-Day and All-Day rehearsals at Penn, and can’t wait to see how far our classrooms have come with their choreography for the final show in May. We are busy planning our annual Battle of the Dance fundraiser, an annual dance-off competition for Penn students. And most importantly, we are gearing up for the final Spring Show!

Penn students please use this website as a supreme resource: dates, locations, permission slips, company information, etc are ALL located on this website. In addition we hope this website will also serve as a great forum for you to connect with your teachers and students beyond the allotted classroom time, helping relationships and friendships to grow and blossom. This new website will also allow returning CityStep teachers the ability to stay connected to their past CityStep students—further uniting the CityStep community. With that said, we are so excited for the rest of the year! 

The CityStep Company is comprised of undergraduates who participate in the program in three major capacities: as producers, teachers, and composers. Producers act as the driving force behind the scenes, raising money, working with CityStep alumni, and planning the annual show. The teachers work in teams with classes of CityStep middle-schoolers on a curriculum designed to broaden their exposure to the performing arts while building their self-esteem and promoting teamwork. Composers write original music to accompany each class's piece in the annual year-end show. These three groups come together as a company to work to fulfill our mission of building self-esteem through creative self-expression and community interaction.

If you are a Penn undergraduate interested in joining the CityStep family, e-mail us... we'd love to hear from you!

"Perhaps CityStep's most powerful and lasting impact is on the undergraduates that run the program. We were pushed—we pushed ourselves—to do things we didn't think we could do. We experienced a level of commitment and passion that impressed our friends and family, scared our roommates, and sometimes surprised even us."

--Laura Weidman, Executive Director, 2002-2004

Contact Us... We’d love to hear from you!
upenn@citystep.org     Civic House 3914 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104