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Hello fellow CitySteppers and friends of CityStep!

We are thrilled to introduce the CityStep Graduate Board! There have been some exciting changes in CityStep over the past year—and there are lots more to come—and we’re excited to fill you in. In the past, all graduating CitySteppers have been members of the ever-nebulous “grad board.” Starting this fall, the general graduate group became the CityStep Alumni Association, and last year’s CityStep Harvard Executive Board chose the first-ever Graduate Board. We, as the Graduate Board, are here to represent alumni interests and to provide a way for alumni to remain involved with CityStep.

First off, we’d like to introduce ourselves. There are four members of the Board: Co-Chairs Uche Amaechi (Harvard College ’99) and Laura Weidman (Harvard College’04), Treasurer Ed Rogers (Harvard College’05), and Secretary Stephanie Altman Dominus (Harvard College’90). Here’s a little about us:

Uche (teacher 1997-1998; Director 1998-1999) has been working in the Cambridge Public Schools in various after-school managerial roles since graduation. He got his MBA online while working and this year start his Ed.D. at Harvard--so he'll be in Cambridge for the foreseeable future!

Laura (teacher 2000-2002; Director 2002-2004; expansion 2004-2005) spent the year after graduating bringing CityStep to Penn. She then spent two years in New York working in web development, education, and public art. Now Laura’s out West for four years getting her JD/MBA at Stanford.

Ed (teacher 2001-2003, 2004-2005; Director 2003-2004) works for a quantitative finance firm in Cambridge, where he’s lived since graduating. He is studying for a CFA designation and spends his spare time participating in youth mentoring and volunteering with a youth soccer league.

Stephanie (producer 1986-1988; Exec. Producer 1988-1989) has devoted her career to the arts (primarily music and dance) as a producer and administrator—at Juilliard, Symphony Space, and in graduate school in London. Now Stephanie’s in NYC with her husband and two kids—one of whom is CityStep-aged!

This year the Board will be focusing our efforts on a few key areas: 1) reconnecting alumni with the current program (including working on additional development of www.citystep.org); 2) planning a “kicking off the next 25 years” event for CitySteppers past and present to celebrate CityStep’s big anniversary and the future of the Harvard and Penn programs; and 3) establishing a formal charter and extended agenda for the Graduate Board.

WE WELCOME YOUR HELP AND INVOLVEMENT! Please get in touch with the Board at gradboard@citystep.org with any questions at all, or to help out with or suggest any initiatives!

CityStep Love,
Uche, Laura, Ed, and Stephanie

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