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The CityStep Graduate Board is undergoing a very exciting time of transition! Currently in the works is a massive effort to create an official CityStep Alumni Association and to formalize the CityStep Graduate Board. We are in the process of developing a more concrete way for alumni to contribute to and directly support CityStep at Harvard College and the University of Pennsylvania. Through activities that include network-building, fundraising, expansion planning, and general consulting, we hope to make better use of our most treasured resource—our alumni.

All former members of CityStep are eligible to become members of the CityStep Alumni Association, giving them the chance to work with current CityStep executive board members to help support and advance CityStep. Check back here throughout the year for updated information about the formation of the Alumni Association and how you can join. Additionally, the CityStep Graduate Board will become a formalized entity with limited members holding titled positions for circumscribed terms. The Grad Board will be the new leadership body of the Alumni Association.

Interested in learning more now or in contributing your ideas to the formation of these organizations? Interested in signing up to be your year's Class Liaison? Get in touch for more information.

"CityStep changed the course of my life. Years after college, I remain commited to promoting the positive development of young people as a professional youth worker. I owe much of my drive and inspiration to my time as a CityStep volunteer."

--Valerie Charat, Executive Director, 1999-2001

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