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A Note From Our Founder


Many years have passed since I started CityStep at Harvard. Today, the program is THRIVING beyond my wildest expectations. The scores of Harvard students who lead this project each year embody the best of community engagement: They are thoughtful, spirited, action-oriented and highly collaborative. They ask the right questions. They work incredibly hard. They are mind-bogglingly well-organized. They are emotionally committed beyond measure. They also embody a high level of artistic expression; the creativity that they bring to the movement, costumes, lighting and music of the final performance continues to amaze.

This is a special time for CityStep: A new graduate board, an alumni association, a new sister program at UPenn in Philadelphia—and a 25th anniversary! It's a great time to get involved in whatever way you can. Let the infectious spirit of this extraordinary collaboration envelope you and jump in!

Sabrina Peck

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"Sabrina Peck has found a way to uncork the wild energy inside every 12-year-old and spray it out over the audience like so much champagne."

—The Boston Phoenix

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